Sunday, January 11, 2015

Breathe Less, Eat Less (Raw Food)

Raw food does not mean salads. 

It includes salads but it also includes much more!

At our retreat in Bali we will be exploring some delicious raw food, and be learning to make some of our own.

We will be working in a way so that the way we practice our yoga compliments what and how we eat. 

Through the Yoga Synergy system of applied anatomy and physiology, we learn that, in general, breathing less will lead you to feel less hungry but also to feel that you would prefer more raw foods.

Breathing more will typically make you feel more hungry and you will generally gravitate towards heavier foods. 

Anyone who has ever been swimming without knowing proper breathing technique, which leads to gulping in air almost every stroke, will undoubtedly experienced how hungry you feel after a session of over-breathing up and down the pool or at the beach. 

By contrast, once you learn to breathe better, you are less likely to feel as hungry after the same session.

This is just one of the things we will explore and discuss on the retreat. 

We don't want you to take what we say as 'gospel'. 

Instead, we intend to guide you to experience it for yourself so you can figure out the best approach for you.

Places are filling up so book soon!  April 5-11 2015, Ubud Bali.  Go to for more details. 

Read more about breathing and eating with one of our teachers, Simon Borg Olivier, here:

Much metta.