Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kiss The Hunch Goodbye

In the spirit of trying to keep the Thursday sequence class relevant to your needs I am always open to suggestions.  I have had several requests for the new Thursday sequence that will start this week.  Well, to be honest I had two.  One was for core strengthening and the other was a request to help with posture, especially the upper back and shoulders.  So I have blended the two requests in order to help you "dump the hump" and kiss your hunch goodbye.

I think there is hardly a person out there who would not benefit from a bit of chest and shoulder opening, especially if you are at a desk or computer for large parts of the day.  Even if not at a desk, many of the activities of our daily lives involve leaning forward and reaching forward, all helping to cultivate a hunch.  I have noticied, from time to time, that even in yoga we can accidentally cultivate hunches if we are not mindful (e.g., when trying to reach the feet or the floor in a forward bend by reaching from your arms rather than from your pelvis).

Look forward to helping you stand tall for the next two months.  This class is open to all levels!


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  1. Have I missed this? I would have loved this sequence! Came back from Nuwera Eliya late on tuesday night and missed your wednesday morning class. will endeavour to come tonight but have lot's going on with kid's doctors and hair appointments.. so if not tonight, tomorrow definitely.