Sunday, May 20, 2012

Class Lowdown

I thought I'd give a quick rundown of classes at the moment.

We started our new Wednesday morning class.  It is beautiful to be up on the roof so early.  One week a monkey even dropped by to see what we were doing.  He took off light a rocket when we noticed him and disappeared into the jungles of Colombo 5 with a raucous group of crows in hot pursuit (I know it is a murder of crows but, really, they are very intelligent and, I think, much maligned and I am not quite happy calling them by such an unsavoury collective noun). 

The problem for many, of course is getting up early to realise how beautiful it is to be awake and present as the world around us wakes up.  Normally I might have a problem getting up so early since I work full-time, teach nearly every night, and find I need a good night's sleep, but I have been waking up in anticipation of this class each week and thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. 

These classes are tough.  You will sweat.  A lot.  Bring a towel and some water and hope for a breeze!  Even though the class is very challenging it should leave you feeling energised throughout the day. 

We have also started a new Thursday class, with the new sequence focusing on core awareness strengthening.  I am not a great fan of sit-ups and crunches and so I have tried to make this class interesting and fun so that we can find our core strength in a variety of different postures.  What I have noticed for myself after this class, and as Tilak (husband) pointed out after last week's class, is that the entire class is the perfect preparation for strong and stable handstands.  So, if you feel like springing into a handstand or two after class, feel free!!

Saturday classes have been growing, although last week we had a nice private session with just the three of us.  Normally Saturdays are pretty small though so they are the perfect opportunity for you to come to class with some suggestions about things you would like to do for yourself.  I am always happy to develop sequences based on your suggestions.  After all, it is your class!

We have had a whole lot of yoga first-timers coming on Fridays so if you are reading this and still sitting on the fence about joining a class because you are new then now is a great time to join up with others in a similar situation.  Having said this, anyone can join the Friday class at any time so please don't be shy.

I'd like to get back into some good strong flow sequences on Monday nights.  In this weather it means you are going to get hot.  So please remember to bring some water and a towel unless you want to be dripping all over your yoga mat. 

Anyway, hope you are all well and hope to see you in class soon.

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