Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inappropriate Yoga Teacher!

Last week I had an enquiry from someone who said a friend of theirs (a woman) went to a private yoga class and the teacher (a man) suggested they try a tantric meditation whereby she sat on his lap facing him while they looked into one another's eyes.  My friend wanted to know if that was appropriate.  He went on to describe some of the intimate sounding adjustments that had gone on in the private lessons.

Since I don't know the teacher or what style of yoga he was teaching or what they had discussed about yoga I can't make too many comments.  Having said this, the answer to the question of whether this is appropriate or not is always going to be, if it does not feel right then it is not right.  This goes for yoga teachers asking you to sit on their lap or yoga teachers making adjustments on you!

You must always remember you come to yoga class for you.  Most of us come to feel better.  You are the best judge of whether something is appropriate or not because it is your body, your mind.  Your yoga teacher might have suggestions and it is up to you to decide whether or not to take up those suggestions.  So while a teacher might encourage you to go deeper into a pose it does not mean you have to.  While a teacher might suggest a particular pose, you never have to do it.  If you do not know why your teacher is suggesting something then feel free to ask their reasons.  If you are not satisfied then just pass.

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