Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yoga Synergy Classes in Colombo

Me in a one legged standing pose out the front of Canberra Yoga Space (where I am teaching in Australia). There are a lot of one legged postures in the Yoga Synergy sequences, many of them active variations without the hands, which bring strength, stability, and mobility around the hips, spine, and shoulders.  

I have just returned from a refreshing month of training with amazing yogis Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss, who developed the Yoga Synergy style of practice.  You can find out more about them and their schedule at

I will be in Colombo until the end of May, teaching from four of their sequences on different nights.  Please check out my teaching schedule in the calendar on my blog for up to date classes.

The Friday night class will be a Yoga Fundamentals sequence, focussing on the basic postures that form the foundation of the other sequences.  It is the most suitable for those who are newer or a bit rusty or for those who just want to focus on the basics, although I will offer modifications in my other classes as well.

Please send me an email if you have any questions about the appropriateness of classes.  I really look forward to seeing you soon!

Much metta,

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