Monday, July 21, 2014

Backdrop with Charlie

Here I try to show how to stay firm but calm in doing a strong pose.  Charlie came into the video and you can see I am relaxed enough to not get disturbed by it and give him a pat.

One of the key things in these sorts of postures is to lengthen the front of the spine without squashing the back.

The front tummy muscles are working in a way that they become firm but I feel I can still breathe comfortably.  This is crucial and what I try to convey in class.

This is not something to practice on your own but perhaps by watching it you can remind yourself that when you work towards any challenging postures you still need to feel comfortable and as though you can move.  Cultivate sthira sukham asanam.  Practice in a way that is firm but calm.

Happy and safe practicing.

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