Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yoga Classes In Colombo

The photo above is of Tilak who used to sit at the door and let people in at the old yoga venue.  I can't bear to take it down so I have left it posted but please not this is not where we do yoga from anymore!!

Yoga Class Timetable for May 2014.  Please check calendar on the blogpost for most up-to-date timetable and for any changes.
All classes @ 49 Skelton Road, Colombo 5 unless otherwise stated.

Afternoon/Evening Classes
Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays 6.30-8pm 
Saturdays 5-7pm

Looking forward to seeing you somewhere soon. 


  1. How can I contact you about a private class?

  2. Hi! You can contact me via my email address:

  3. Hi Mettha, I'm just checking if the Thursday class is in Colombo 7 or at your house?

    Thanks so much


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  5. Yes, Bernard. I know when more people turn up the way I teach certainly changes to the way I teach a small group!

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