Monday, May 2, 2011

New Class On Thursdays!

We've really lengthened our legs and spines with Yes-You-Can-Can Legs (and even did the splits!).  We've opened up our hips and they didn't die in the Hips Don't Die class.  Now it is time to move up to our waists with Twistin Round The World (first made famous by Chubby Checker of course).

I have choreographed a sequence of twists and turns, and side bends and stretches, along with a bit of core strengthening thrown in.  Amidst all of this twisting, turning, and bending we will really be trying to get an idea of how to lift our bodies out of our pelvis.  Who knows, you might grow a few inches?  (Disclaimer: height gain is not guaranteed)

It does not really matter how much yoga experience you have for this class as there are easier and more challenging versions of everything.  As is usual with these classes, I have tried to find interesting alternatives to the 'normal' poses, so expect to experience a few new asanas pop up!

It all starts this Thursday and should be lots of fun.  So why not come along to the women's international centre next to the Lionel Wendt at 5:45pm.

Happy practicing!

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