Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paddy's Here!

Paddy's here!  Just what our spines ordered 

If you have not gathered already, Paddy is my teacher (not in the possessive sense--she is everyone's teacher!). She is in Colombo from the 20th May to 5th June and is conducting classes around town. 

Please log onto Paddy's website for her contact details
It is also where you will find details of her classes around the world for those no longer in Sri Lanka.  If you have trouble then you can always contact me. 

If you have never had the pleasure of being taught by Paddy, then please take this opportunity as she may just be the best teacher in the world (no, I am not biased!).


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  1. Hi Samantha,
    I'm interested in doing Yoga but havent done any of it before.Could u please tell me whether you enroll guys in your class and etc?Please drop me a mail to Thanks