Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mandala Namaskar

A very long time between postings!  Yikes.  This one I promised to my students several weeks ago and is from our current practice.

I generally don't recommend practicing something without a teacher and especially not this one if you are not familiar with the hip rotation.

But for those of you who are, here it is! At last.

Remember, keep the ankles off the floor.  Turn the hips and let the feet follow.  Move slowly--there is no rush.  If you are 'looking' for anything it is joy and not an end posture.

I practiced outside on this lovely patch of grass in the winter chill where I had fresh air, a kiss of sun on my skin, and the pleasure of a the earth beneath my feet.  Why not find your own patch of grass?

I have sped up the clip so if you were to practice this it should take at least twice as long.

Happy and safe practicing!

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